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Mission Statement

Since mid-August 2022, our team has been communicating the name change and any implications to our valued clients.  In the meantime, we want all of our customers to know that we remain focused on delivering quality and service at every level of the business. We welcome you to join us as we embark on a renewed journey to provide first-in-class pharmaceutical logistics and distribution services.

About Reliable and Our Commitment to Service

Reliable Healthcare Logistics, LLC – Reliable is an independent 3PL recognized for developing cost effective, innovative supply chain solutions for complex logistics requirements in regulated industries. With over 650,000 total square feet, our 9 Reliable facility locations are dedicated to the secure and proper storage of pharmaceutical products, including prescription and over-the-counter- medications, as well as providing services for medical device manufactures, cosmetics, human and animal health and wellness companies.

With deep expertise in business-to-business trade distribution, Reliable also manages e-commerce programs for direct-to-practitioner/patient and direct-to-consumer fulfillment including Amazon FBA and other specialized channels. Inventory management, reverse logistics, packaging and labeling, kitting and assembly tasks are conducted in multiple temperature regulated (CRT/ambient, refrigerated, frozen) facilities within the Reliable warehouse network in Florida, New Jersey, Ohio, Texas, and Nevada.

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